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Religious Studies at UNO is the interdisciplinary, academic study of religious beliefs, behaviors, and institutions. The Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion (JSSR) is a multi-disciplinary journal that publishes articles, research notes, and book reviews on the. Comparative religion is the branch of the study of religions with the systematic comparison of the doctrines and practices, themes and impacts (including. An International Journal for the Philosophy of Religion · ISSN: (Print), X (Online) · Editor: Yujin Nagasawa Department of Philosophy|. The study of religion prepares you for more than a career—it prepares you for life. Religion can inspire and provoke, unite and polarize. It is the primary.

The NAASR Annual Meeting will provide a space to explore contemporary theoretical gains that have a bearing on and/or implications for academic studies of. Welcome. The Yale Department of Religious Studies, established in its present form in , is one of the leading scholarly communities dedicated to the study. The academic study of religion rests on the basic distinction between studying about religion as a field of inquiry and being religious or a religious. Top Five Reasons to Study Religion at Springfield College · Studying religion might make you happier. · Studying religion helps you understand different. Religion Today is a new club connected to the Center for the Study of Religion. Its mission is to provide students with a broad array of opportunities to meet. In short, religion is inseparable from the ways we think about what unites us and what divides us on local, national, or global scales. Pursuing religious. Studying religion thus provides you an opportunity to learn about a range of disciplinary approaches, and, even more importantly, the connections and linkages. “I study religion – collectively its places, stories, people and customs – because I believe it remains a powerful force of promising cultural change. To live. Welcome to The Center for the Study of Religion. Our work at Ohio State emphasizes the dynamic aspects of religious systems and the importance of studying them. The academic study of religion is an ideal way to explore religious ideas from a variety of perspectives. Religion is one of the primary means for people. A religious studies degree does not lead to a specific career path, but there are a wide range of well-suited professional options. Graduates with religious.

The major in the study of religion is designed to be completed in 2 years. Its interdisciplinary courselist spans 11 departments and allows students to pursue. Learning about religion provides an opportunity to explore different cultures and develop a more global perspective. Through Maymester programs and study abroad. Committee on the Study of Religion · For undergraduates, we offer an array of courses introducing the Study of Religion. These lead to more specialized work in. As the journal of the North American Association for the Study of Religion, Method & Theory in the Study of Religion is dedicated to historical, critical, and. Religion is one of the primary disciplines for investigating the boundary questions of life and death, of love and hate, that characterize the human condition. The UCR Department for the Study of Religion provides an opportunity for students to gain a broad, cross-cultural perspective on the diverse religious. The study of religion explores how various religions have approached issues of ultimate significance: where we came from, where we are going, and how to live. Studying various cultures of the world is central to Religious Studies as it seeks to explain divergent views about the world and the purpose of human life. The. Religious Studies investigates the most basic components of human society and culture. The key to understanding the fundamental motivations for the behavior of.

Book overview Widely used as a primer, a class text, or just a provocation to critical thinking, Studying Religion clearly explains the methods and theories. The academic study of religion is central to the creation of a community of world citizens. Our program is designed for students who live in a pluralistic. Finally, the study of religion provides an invaluable opportunity for exploring the ways in which human beings find meaning, purpose, and wonder in their lives. The Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion (JSSR), the quarterly publication of the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion, has published. About the courseThis course offers an intensive training in research in the study of religions. It enables students to study two major religions.

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Exploring contemporary issues in the academic study of religion through podcasts. The Religious Studies Project is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated. Studies in Religion takes a secular approach to its subjects that draws upon methods from history, philosophy, anthropology, sociology, psychology, and textual. Working in the Field. This is a space for faculty and graduate students in Stanford's Religious Studies Department to reflect on the ways in which their own. Increased ability of the world's varied national and religious communities to work together to solve the urgent global problems we all face, such as hunger.

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